Using cpuminer for Keccak PoW

Using Cpuminer for Keccak PoW is a multi-threaded CPU miner for Keccak algorithm. It can be mining SmartCash coin SMART and mining SmartBillions coin SMART.

First, Algorithms supported by Using cpuminer for Keccak PoW

  • scrypt (Litecoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, …)
  • scrypt:N
  • scrypt-jane:N
  • sha256d (Bitcoin, Freicoin, Peercoin/PPCoin, Terracoin, …)
  • axiom (Axiom Shabal-256 based MemoHash)
  • bastion (Joincoin [J])
  • bitcore Permuted serie of 10 algos (BitCore)
  • blake (Saffron [SFR] Blake-256)
  • blake2s (NevaCoin Blake2-S 256)
  • bmw (Midnight [MDT] BMW-256)
  • cryptonight (Bytecoin [BCN], Monero [XMR])
  • cryptonight-light (Aeon)
  • decred (Blake256-14 [DCR])
  • dmd-gr (Diamond-Groestl)
  • fresh (FreshCoin)
  • groestl (Groestlcoin)
  • jha (JackpotCoin, SweepStake)
  • lbry (LBRY Credits [LBC])
  • lyra2RE (Cryptocoin)
  • lyra2REv2 (VertCoin [VTC])
  • myr-gr Myriad-Groestl (MyriadCoin [MYR])
  • neoscrypt (Feathercoin)
  • nist5 (MistCoin [MIC], TalkCoin [TAC], …)
  • pentablake (Joincoin)
  • pluck (Supcoin [SUP])
  • quark (Quarkcoin)
  • qubit (GeoCoin)
  • skein (Skeincoin, Myriadcoin, Xedoscoin, …)
  • skein2 (Woodcoin)
  • s3 (OneCoin)
  • blake2b (SIA coin SC)
  • X11Gost (SibCoin)
  • timetravel Permuted serie of 8 algos (MachineCoin [MAC])
  • tribus 3 of the top NIST5 algos (Denarius [DNR])
  • vanilla (Blake-256 8-rounds – double sha256 [VNL])
  • veltor (Veltor [VLT])
  • xevan x17 x 2 on bigger header (BitSend [BSD])
  • x11evo (Revolver [XRE])
  • x11 (Darkcoin [DRK], Hirocoin, Limecoin, …)
  • x12 (GalaxyCash [GCH])
  • x13 (Sherlockcoin, [ACE], [B2B], [GRC], [XHC], …)
  • x14 (X14, Webcoin [WEB])
  • x15 (RadianceCoin [RCE])
  • x16r (Ravencoin [RVN])
  • x16s (Pigeoncoin [PGN])
  • x17 (Verge [XVG])
  • yescrypt (GlobalBoostY [BSTY], Unitus [UIS], MyriadCoin [MYR])
  • zr5 (Ziftrcoin [ZRC])
  • hefty1 (Heavycoin)
  • keccak (Maxcoin HelixCoin, CryptoMeth, Galleon, 365coin, Slothcoin, BitcointalkCoin)
  • keccakc (Creativecoin)
  • luffa (Joincoin, Doomcoin)
  • shavite3 (INKcoin)

Second, Download cpuminer for Keccak PoW

Finally, how to run cpuminer for Keccak PoW

  • Create a run.bat file to run miner. Here is the example.

minerd –algo=keccak –url=poolAddress –userpass=useGULD:pasGULD –coinbase-addr=yourCoinAddress

  • Run the run.bat file to start mining.

Usage: minerd [OPTIONS]

  • -a, –algo=ALGO specify the algorithm to use (default: scrypt)
  • -o, –url=URL URL of mining server
  • -O, –userpass=U:P username:password pair for mining server
  • -u, –user=USERNAME username for mining server
  • -p, –pass=PASSWORD password for mining server
  • –cert=FILE certificate for mining server using SSL
  • -x, –proxy=[PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT] connect through a proxy
  • -t, –threads=N number of miner threads (default: number of processors)
  • -r, –retries=N number of times to retry if a network call fails (default: retry indefinitely)
  • -R, –retry-pause=N time to pause between retries, in seconds (default: 30)
  • -T, –timeout=N timeout for long polling, in seconds (default: none)
  • -s, –scantime=N upper bound on time spent scanning current work when long polling is unavailable, in seconds (default: 5)
  • –coinbase-addr=ADDR payout address for solo mining
  • –coinbase-sig=TEXT data to insert in the coinbase when possible
  • –no-longpoll disable long polling support
  • –no-getwork disable getwork support
  • –no-gbt disable getblocktemplate support
  • –no-stratum disable X-Stratum support
  • –no-redirect ignore requests to change the URL of the mining server
  • -q, –quiet disable per-thread hashmeter output
  • -D, –debug enable debug output
  • -P, –protocol-dump verbose dump of protocol-level activities
  • –benchmark run in offline benchmark mode
  • -c, –config=FILE load a JSON-format configuration file
  • -V, –version display version information and exit
  • -h, –help display this help text and exit



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